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Intequal & Accelerate People working with businesses to make a positive impact on the Apprentice Experience (AX)

Intequal (@IntequalLTD), an independent training provider and Accelerate People (@AccelerateEPA), an independent End-point Assessment Organisation have combined best practices, knowledge and experience of providing digital apprenticeships and EPAs to develop the kind of seamless positive journey experience they both passionately feel that an apprentice is entitled to expect right from the start of their studies through to the achievement of their end of programme results.

Their recent achievement with learners and employers completely bucks the current perception of apprenticeships that has sadly been in the news all too frequently and provides some reassuring news to businesses that apprenticeships, particularly in digital roles, when done well with all parties concerned working towards one common goal can provide a wonderfully inspiring and fulfilling method to acquire skills and begin a new career. Intequal and Accelerate People share the same ethos and values, that the apprentice should always be at the heart of all that they do. As an experienced training provider, Intequal works very closely with employers to:

  • ensure that an apprentice is fully supported throughout their programme including being adequately prepared for every stage
  • ensure that their studies are tailored to provide practical application opportunities that enable the learner to test out new theory and skills taught in real-time
  • ensure this activity provides the necessary evidence needed for learner project and portfolio assessment by the EPAO but also achieve outcomes for an employer throughout the journey.

As a Digital EPAO, Accelerate People draws on its many years of experience and understands how important it is that EPAO’s, training providers and employers have an effective tripartite relationship with regular dialogue and processes in sync being essential to achieving less anxiety and removing often unnecessary stress for the learner to be able to achieve a successful outcome.

Supported well, the learner can focus on the training being delivered and successfully putting it in to practice to develop their skills for their own benefit and those of their employer. Intequal and Accelerate People are proving through their combined experience and collaborative activities that support the employer and apprentice, digital apprentices can and are making a positive and sustained impact on businesses throughout the country and will become even more of an asset to any business looking to succeed in a new virtually and technology-focused landscape.

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