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Kick starting careers this National Apprenticeship Week with Darlington Building Society

Kick starting careers this National Apprenticeship Week with Darlington Building Society

For National Apprenticeship Week 2024, Darlington Building Society has announced that it will open up its doors to a number of apprentices this year.

The wide-ranging roles, spanning the breadth of the 200-employee-strong business will help the apprentices build skills for life.

The apprentices will build up a wealth of transferrable skills with the four-time ‘Outstanding’ rated employer (Best Companies), setting themselves up for life.

The first apprentice, an HR Administrator Apprentice, will work with the Society’s People & Culture team, learning all about the recruitment process, our culture and Human Resources as a whole.

Meg Nicol, HR Recruitment Manager at the Society said:

“Apprenticeships are a fantastic vehicle for getting careers moving without the necessity for classroom-based learning. I started my career in HR as an apprentice, so know first-hand the positive impact they can have. Vital on-the-job learning has launched some notable careers, so we are proud to be supporting new colleagues whilst bringing high-quality apprentice roles to the region.

“Darlington Building Society is a brilliant setting for apprentices, because there’s such a diverse range of roles available within the Society. From working in our branches and out in the local community, to more corporate roles in Risk, Finance, Customer Service, Intermediaries, Products and Marketing and beyond, there’s truly something for everyone at the Society.

“Beyond moving up the career ladder, we also have colleagues who have discovered new fields of work, tried a secondment, and then successfully moved into alternative areas of the business, carving out a whole new career path. Apprenticeships is just the beginning for these individuals, and I am looking forward to seeing their careers flourish.”

For more information on apprenticeships with Darlington Building Society, please register your interest at

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