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Educational establishments need to follow the same food safety laws as every other business when it comes to food

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Make food safety training a piece of cake 

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We don’t just eat to survive – food is often at the centre of our routines, celebrations, comforts, connections and our health. This is why it’s paramount that food is kept safe at all times and handled with the greatest care from farm to fork. Any organisation (including educational establishments) that sells, cooks, stores, handles, prepares, transports or distributes food must comply with food safety legislation to ensure that food never causes harm to those who consume it. Legal compliance is also necessary for ensuring your reputation isn’t damaged, and preventing fines or legal action. The Coronavirus pandemic should not cause schools, colleges and universities to lose sight of the key food safety measures and hygiene practices that must be woven into the fabric of their daily conduct.  

Whilst educational establishments may not be seen as food businesses, they often handle food in various capacities so are still required to comply with food safety legislation. Many schools have contracted caterers who are directly responsible for complying with food laws relating to providing meals and snacks at break and lunchtimes, however there is still a duty of care to protect individuals from foodborne illnesses as a result of food activities outside of this. Food is present at cooking clubs, breakfast & after school clubs as well as PTA activities such as cakes sales and barbecues. In an educational setting food hygiene training is applicable not only to canteen staff but teachers, lunchtime supervisors and assistants.

iHASCO, a market leading provider of eLearning, offers a comprehensive training package to cover all food safety training requirements. This exciting development means that food handlers and managers can complete their required training with iHASCO and take advantage of the high quality video-based content to enhance their learning experience, whether they require level 1, 2 or 3 Food Safety & Hygiene training. With the pandemic creating a greater demand for refresher training for those who have been on furlough, or providing more in depth knowledge for those covering supervisor sick leave, the iHASCO food safety training courses cater to those who need their training now, and those who need it to be both cost and time effective. 

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“With the successful launch of our Food Safety & Hygiene Level 3 online course, we are proud to now offer comprehensive training for those working with food at every level” says Lottie Galvin, Studio Manager at iHASCO. “This Level 3 course can be completed in 3 hours, which is at least 3 hours less than any other training provider can offer! But I assure you that it includes all the information and guidance that’s required for management to successfully work towards food safety compliance. Our course is engaging, concise, memorable, and delivered with simplicity as it’s heart – making the guidance easy to put into practise.” 

Further important training for those working with food includes:

  • Food Allergy Awareness 
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Infection Prevention and Control

iHASCO are encouraging interested organisations to sign up to a free trial, giving them full access to the range of online courses for a limited time.

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