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Mindstone launches revolutionary “Skill Profile” 

Mindstone, the AI coach that turns daily learning into quantifiable skills employers recognise, has unveiled its new Skill Profile for learning.

This pioneering approach is aimed at redefining how individuals, teams, and organisations visualise, quantify and recognise learning.

Mindstone observes a user’s interaction with a piece of content online and maps it to a spectrum from passive to active learning. The more active the learning behaviour observed, the more evidence of skill building is gained. These evidence points are then mapped to the Mindstone Skill Profile, as proof of the person’s learning and skills acquired.

Joshua Wohle, Mindstone CEO and co-founder, said:

“As the pace of change accelerates, the need to learn just-in-time, to solve the problems right in front of us, is increasing rapidly. Every day, we learn from the articles we read, the podcasts we listen to, videos we watch and even tweet (X) threads we interact with. But none of it is getting captured anywhere. Until today.”

The Skill Profile builds into a dynamic online visualisation of a learning journey, offering a quantifiable measure of progress over time, invaluable for individuals, employers and educators.

The Profile offers validated evidence of learning, not only capturing the act of learning, but demonstrating active engagement with content – a direct reflection of dedication and development.

Joshua Wohle added: “Mindstone’s Skill Profile is the starting point of a new paradigm of learning – one where learning happens from anything and anywhere around us while aligning to and measuring progress towards the targets we set for ourselves, or the ones our job requires.”

Pedro Vasconcellos, Head of Pearson Ventures, said: “Generating strong, reliable signals about learning, skills and knowledge has always been one of the hardest challenges in education – and a bit of a Holy Grail. It’s key not only to help the learner to progress, but in many other situations such as hiring decisions. Mindstone’s innovative approach is very promising and we are excited to support them.” 

Enrico Poli from Zanichelli, a leading Italian education company, added: “We are all struggling to make sense of the daily information flood engulfing us, and so many learning opportunities are being wasted in the deluge. Mindstone is not only empowering people to take control of the flow and efficiently distil learning from their time online, but it’s now minting trustworthy, shareable evidence about the skills they’re acquiring and polishing while doing it. This evidence will open up all kinds of career and life’s opportunities, creating a game-changing motivational flywheel.”

Both companies are backing Mindstone as they are building towards a future of learning and skill development that’s both more effective and inclusive, outside of the traditional systems of education.

The Mindstone Skill Profile is a step towards a future where personal development, curiosity, and continuous learning are validated and rewarded, irrespective of traditional learning pathways and institutions. Whether you seek to secure a new job, aim for a promotion, or guide a team, the Skill Profile transforms informal learning into a visible, quantifiable asset that unlocks opportunities otherwise restricted to those with access.

Joshua Wohle said: “We want to build towards a future of learning and work that is based around your skills and your willingness to learn, not on who you know or which institutions you went to. Things are moving extremely fast at the moment and we have a lot more to come over the next few weeks and months.”

Melinda Jacobs, Mindstone CPO, added: “Every article you read, every video you watch is shaping you, developing your skill set. Our aim with Evidence Points and the Skill Profile is to help you capture and visualise the results of this learning, empowering you to unlock a world of opportunities.”

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