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New government training schemes to tackle unemployment can quickly become a funding minefield for employers


Training management platform will solve the complexities involved in navigating hundreds of thousands of new entrants into employment 

Government initiatives such as the Kickstart scheme and increased support for apprenticeships, whilst welcome, raise some new complexities for employers in terms of enrolling and determining eligibility of learners at scale, and ensuring access to funding is secured. With businesses across the country looking to training providers to help manage this influx of new talent, Bud Systems is today launching exciting product enhancements that will support all forms of vocational and professional training, for providers that need to deliver training across multiple funding streams within one platform. 

Bud is established as expert in apprenticeship delivery but it’s now expanding to offer training providers the management of all vocational and professional training. Providers can now manage AEB, traineeships, study programmes, Advanced Learner Loans, European Social Fund qualifications, T-levels as well as commercially funded schemes within Bud, safe in the knowledge that the system is enabling the best outcomes for learners whilst driving any necessary compliance.  

The intuitive training management platform has been designed to give every user the best possible experience. Instead of managing learners on multiple platforms, Bud provides greater visibility for management. It is a single joined up system collecting accurate data on each learner in real time, giving clear visibility on how they’re progressing. Managers and trainers are able to drill down into the data to identify learners who are falling behind and quickly take remedial action, so that each learner has the best possible chance of completing their training on time and with the best outcome.  

The platform enables remote delivery meaning that trainers spend less time travelling and more time adding value through training, meaning a larger case load per trainer is feasible, creating efficiencies and maximising the business’ investment. Compliance is driven by workflows within the Bud platform. When following a workflow the system will not let users continue until all fields have been completed, avoiding costly and time-consuming administrative errors. Training Providers can also use Bud to enable learners to ‘self-serve’ their enrolment, completing the process quickly and accurately whilst ensuring that they are ESFA compliant.  

Designed with the learner, trainer and manager experience in mind, it enhances deeper engagement and eases them through the training journey with prompts for reviews and assessments inbuilt, improving learner outcomes.  ITP’s report greater engagement from learners when using Bud; this means higher success rates which is better for business.  

Paul Workman, Managing Director Riverside Training comments;

“The spotlight is quite clearly on skills and training to tackle the rise in unemployment and with approximately 312,000 young people not in education, employment or training[2] we welcome the Government’s current investments. However, many businesses are finding that they need more resource to navigate these government schemes as well as navigate new entrants into employment. Without expertise and support, companies will find themselves in a funding minefield and that is why a high-quality training management platform such as Bud is so needed.” 

Heather Frankham, co-founder, Bud comments;

“I’ve worked within the training industry for over two decades and know that the power of impactful learning provides a real chance for career progression. Right now, the industry is rallying to support the national effort to get behind the career ambitions of the next generation. By doing the heavy lifting for employers and training providers, Bud is helping to maximise these government schemes with a single, user friendly system to manage all forms of vocational training.” 

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