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New Graduate Development Programme to inspire the next generation of digital natives

Mastek, a leading enterprise digital transformation specialist, has announced its plans for a multi-million-pound investment in the UK’s IT economy over the next three years.

The investment, driven by business growth and customer needs, comes as part of a wider initiative for businesses to address the skills shortage by training and investing in people where the demand for high-level skills in sectors such as engineering, technology, digital, and manufacturing continue to increase.

Within the last 12 months, Mastek has recorded 10 quarters of growth. This has created 200+ jobs in the UK IT market, sparking ambitious plans for this new investment in the IT industry over the next four years.

“This is an exciting time for Mastek. People are at the heart of everything we do, so investing in the UK to support graduates who want to pursue careers in the IT industry is a key priority for us,” commented Prahlad Koti, Managing Director at Mastek UK.

“The skills gap is an ongoing challenge and we are committed to providing talented people with the tools and platforms they need to innovate, which in turn will help to support the next generation of the digital workforce.”

Fuelled by the company’s passion to improve the opportunities available to graduates in IT, Mastek has developed a Digital Learning Centre in Leeds which is available to students on its Graduate Development Programme.

The aim of the Programme is to “create and nurture” millennial talent, enabling the tech innovators of tomorrow to gain key skills that are vital for the continued growth of the industry.

Central to this programme is employee development and recruitment, where Mastek’s key values and dynamic company culture come into play. Whether its recruitment processes or training programmes, diversity is at the forefront of everything Mastek does.

With over 2000 global employees, Mastek has witnessed a three percent increase in the overall proportion of women in its headcount since 2016 and aims to further reinforce this message with its working group, “MPower Women @ Mastek” – to help shape, define and implement how Mastek is an employer of choice for everyone.

Mastek has continued to make significant investments, expanding its UK footprint and developing the tools to help graduates in the UK to build and develop the skills required for the evolving digital landscape. 

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