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New STEM education platform combines power of AI with focus on mindful learning


A new AI-driven education app has launched, combining the power of mindfulness with expert-written content to help students get back on track as they return to school and university.  

The platform, called Shiken (meaning ‘test’ or ‘exam’ in Japanese), offers GCSE Maths and Science support, as well as tailored help for students interested in (or currently studying) medicine at university. There are over 40,000 questions, quizzes and study tools for students to use. 

Crucially, Shiken uses AI and gamification to create mindful learning experiences. With many students anxious about the new term at school or university after so long away, the platform is designed to support their mental health through fun, interactive learning which can ease them back into education. 

With students deprived of direct teacher support during school and university closures, Shiken offers a careful blend of guided and independent learning. This is designed to foster continued self-directed study – a skill designed to prepare students for A Levels as well as potential future lockdowns – alongside essential input from teachers. Students can study alone or in groups to tackle a range of fun challenges.

Cute and friendly ‘Study Buddy’ characters guide students on their learning journey, with new Buddies and accessories unlocked as students progress. AI optimises the content for each individual learner and ensures they’re getting feedback, remaining focused, and staying on track to meet their goals. 

The platform has been designed by a team of industry experts. They include a former Headteacher, an NHS doctor, and a graphic designer with expertise in creating mindful content. 

To support learning, schools and tutors can create their own content via the platform. This means that, should students have to return to remote learning, they will have access to engaging, teacher-tailored study materials in future. 

Nat Al-Tahhan, Creative Director at Shiken, comments:

“This is an incredibly stressful time for students. With many feeling anxious about being back in school or university and getting their learning back on track, we wanted to create a platform that empowers young people to have a less stressful, more enjoyable learning experience. Everything on Shiken – from the questions to the graphics – has been designed with mindfulness and fun at its core. Mindfulness can improve knowledge retention and recall, as well as help reduce stress. We’ve built the perfect partner for students keen to build back their confidence and find the fun in learning once more!”

Patricia Young, a former Headteacher adds:

“Young people are hugely adaptable but this year has been incredibly challenging. Many are worried about catching up on the learning time lost and achieving the grades they need to fulfil their ambitions. They need to feel in control, have some fun while revising and see that getting answers wrong in a secure environment is a crucial part of learning. Platforms like Shiken will play an important role in tailoring educational support to each student’s needs.” 

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