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RateMyApprenticeship releases key facts & figures ahead of National Apprenticeship Week has released key facts & figures ahead of National Apprenticeship Week, relating to UK school leaver programmes. The figures promote the attractiveness of undertaking an apprenticeship, helping young people understand career choices and make informed decisions about their future.

Using peer review data from over 3,300 apprentices that formed RateMyApprenticeship’s Top School Leaver Employers Table, they found that the average salary for level 2 apprenticeships is £12,358, for level three apprenticeships is £15,785, and for Level 4 apprenticeships is £18,441.

Broken down by industry, the highest paying industry for level 2 apprenticeships is banking (£16,825), followed by IT (£14,646), engineering (£14,204), accountancy (£11,599), business (£10,884), and law (£9,955).

As apprentices reach level 3, law (£18,950) becomes the highest paying industry after being the lowest at level 2. This is followed by banking (£18,943), accountancy (£15,970), engineering (£15,063), IT (£15,020) and business (£14,413).

The data also shows that the largest number of apprenticeships can be found in Central London, with engineering providing the most opportunities available. Interestingly, Northern Ireland was rated the best location to do an apprenticeship. 

Also revealed is that banking & finance has been identified as the top rated industry for the second year running, with business following closely in second place.

Oliver Sidwell, co-founder of RateMyApprenticeship commented “What this data has revealed is that the salary on offer for apprentices starting out in their careers is not to be downplayed. No matter the industry, apprentices are guaranteed a good salary, and are able to earn as they learn. This is something that the conventional route of going to university, is not always able to offer. We have also seen positive employment outlooks for students after finishing their apprenticeships, with 97% of students recommend their scheme to a friend.

“We can also see the idea of an apprenticeship only being for blue collar jobs is no longer a reality.  The top five highest rated industries are increasingly offering white collar apprenticeships; busting the myth that to achieve a high calibre job you must obtain a university degree.”


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