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#Apprenticeship exchange scheme to create long lasting education programme and mutual development opportunities

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Anglo-German relations may be faltering during #Brexit, but one Derby company is cementing strong links between both countries as it looks to enhance understanding of how both training and customer service is delivered, particularly within apprenticeships.

IT solutions firm RDS Global staff will visit Osnabrück in Germany next week to look into the possibility of sending RDS apprentices on an exchange scheme as an expansion to the support currently provided to Derby College in having students over from both Germany and Holland.

Staff from the company are now looking to explore the option of the initiative becoming a two-way exchange, with RDS apprentices heading to Osnabruck and vice-versa.

RDS’s Chief Executive Officer Andy Flinn, Software and Product Development Director Paul Duley and Learning and Development Co-ordinator Charlotte Gray will visit BBS Europaschule in Niedersachsen as part of the trip.

As well as forging exchange relationships, they also want to develop a structured plan around the product development of the RDS Black Box™ and find partners to help launch it in Germany.

The RDS Black Box™ patent pending solution is an innovative Management Information System (MIS) that allows data feeds from multiple sources to be brought together into the RDS Black Box™, to provide a comprehensive real time reporting dashboard.

It is capable of connecting different systems and controllers, and porting multiple data feeds into one place, allowing for the consolidation of data, enabling businesses to use it for their strategic advantage.

The joint initiative could see mutual development opportunities whilst creating a long lasting education programme.

Andy Flinn said: “We will discuss sending apprentices over to Osnabrück in the development, support and engineering areas to enhance knowledge and build cultural understanding.

“We will also be viewing facilities in and around the college and discussing how it would work, as well as requirements such as accommodation and placement availability.

“We will be giving a presentation to Osnabrück representatives about what we have been developing, to see what they think, and to see how we could get a version of the Black Box running in Germany with a deployment company with a license to sell and ability to convert the product information into German.”

Mr Flinn added: “Obviously, the UK is facing uncertain times with the anticipation of leaving the European Union on October 31, but as a company we firmly believe that maintaining international relations is paramount.

“We are excited to be involved in such a scheme that will not only boost business but also secure future opportunities for both the young people of Derby and those of Germany.”

RDS hope to contact the East Midlands Chamber and the Department for International Trade for help in promoting the product abroad.

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