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Ethnic minority labour market participation interventions

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This research looks at interventions supporting ethnic minority labour market participation in 22 Jobcentre Plus areas. Part 2 of this research explores interventions which support ‘stay at home’ ethnic minority women in 22 Jobcentre Plus areas.

Interventions supporting ethnic minority labour market participation: part one

Ref: ISBN: 978-1-78659-125-8, Ad hoc research report no. 69PDF, 601KB, 61 pages

This report is part of a programme of work by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in response to the Race Disparity Audit. The audit:

  • examined how people of different ethnicities are treated by public services
  • aimed to contribute to a better informed public debate about ethnicity in the UK

Following analysis of the audit data, DWP identified the 20 local authorities across Great Britain with the largest number of ethnic minority people that could be helped into employment. These are known as ‘challenge areas’.

This report looks at interventions in the 20 challenge areas, and 2 further Jobcentre Plus areas, which support labour market participation for members of ethnic minority communities. It aims to inform improvements and management of labour market interventions for these groups.

Ethnic minority labour market participation interventions: part 2 sets out findings from research which looked in more detail at some of the interventions discussed in this report.

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Authors: Yvonne Smith, Luke Pickard and Beth Atkinson (DWP)

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