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Schools and nurseries get set for Healthy Eating Week

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Schools and nurseries across the UK are invited to take part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s new style of Healthy Eating Week for 2021, which invites children, teenagers and teachers to ‘Find Your Healthier You’.

Taking place from 14-18 June 2021, Healthy Eating Week aims to encourage everyone to reflect on their lifestyle and find ways to enhance their own health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on what they eat and drink. The British Nutrition Foundation emphasises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle and, for Healthy Eating Week 2021, the charity will launch a series of new resources, providing information and tools to help children and adults to find their best approach to eating well and keeping active.

Roy Ballam, Managing Director and Head of Education, British Nutrition Foundation, comments:

“With the challenges we have all faced over the past year, we want to help young people to re-focus and feel empowered to look after their own health. So, through Healthy Eating Week, we will provide a range of evidence-based resources and tools to help the nation tackle the barriers that can get in the way of eating well and moving more. We have lots of new resource specifically designed for schools and nurseries – we hope that everyone can get stuck in, have some fun, and make a positive change for their health.”

Free to register, Healthy Eating Week attracts thousands of schools and workplaces every year to take part in a range of group-based and individual activities.

To support the new ‘Find Your Healthier You’ format, Healthy Eating Week will focus on five daily themes:

  • Know the facts: Day one will start with the basics of healthy eating, busting the myths around nutrition and giving practical advice on what (or what not!) to eat. Teachers and pupils can all take part in a healthy eating quiz, and challenges range from creating a menu based on the Eatwell guide, to keeping hydration diaries, to making posters on the importance of fibre.
  • Make a healthier choice: Tips and tools will be shared around how students can think about healthier choices. From understanding food labels and getting to grips with portion sizes, there will be a range of educational activities for all ages.
  • Plan for success: Planning ahead can help all of us make healthier choices; on this day, students will be tasked with creating meal planners for themselves and their friends, as well as looking at recipe planners to help them make healthier choices, while not blowing the budget!
  • Be the chef: This day will combine healthy eating know-how with practical cooking tips to help everyone make tasty, healthier meals. Healthier cooking tips will be given, with recipes and ideas for inspiration. 
  • Keep moving: It’s not just about what you eat and drink. Being active has many benefits for health and is an important part of a healthier lifestyle. Children, teenagers and teachers can look forward to lots of ‘keep moving’ activities on the final day of Healthy Eating Week.
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