From education to employment


As part of the sector’s strategic intent to build a leadership talent pipeline, The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has commissioned FE Associates to design and deliver a new, high impact development programme for first-time leaders, Stepping into Leadership.

Now open for bookings, this programme is focused on improving the professional effectiveness of first-time sector leaders and ensures leaders have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to excel in their roles.

Commenting on this exciting new initiative FE Associates Managing Director says: The world of FE and Training is fast-paced and it is essential we set up our newest leaders to succeed. It is often the case that the skills and experiences that made these colleagues successful in their previous roles aren’t the ones that will make them successful leaders. Therefore, we have designed this programme to specifically support their transition whilst building their confidence, curiosity and abilities.”

Janet Clark, the ETF’s National Head of Leadership Development, added:

“Taking your first line management role is exciting, but often daunting. ETF’s Stepping into Leadership programme supports new managers to develop their leadership skills, knowledge and confidence. Underpinned by leadership theory, the programme also facilitates the practical application of what is learned. Most importantly, the programme contextualises leadership and management within the FE and Training sector.”

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