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Stanmore College Childcare Students have highest attendance and 100% pass rate

Childcare Students not only lead the way with the highest attendance! Jubilation erupts as every student passes the course!

It has been nothing short of an outstanding year for Childcare students at Stanmore College. Not only did the 2nd Year childcare students have the best attendance across the entire course, childcare students took pole position across the whole college! And, for those who may have cast doubt on a connection between attendance and success, they have also added credence to the importance of being in every class every day – every single student passed their course, some with A* grades.

The students told us that the general perception before they started their childcare course was that childcare would be easy; it had been far from easy and much work and determination had gone into passing their study programme over the last year!

The positivity on 3rd July was contagious; smiles filled the classroom as students were presented with their certificates and awards by Course Manager and Childcare Teacher, Caroline Ryder who, while addressing each student individually, clearly outlined with sincerity why they had been nominated. Reasons included those who had shown determination, hard work and helping others. Supportive laughter abounded when some students received awards for resilience; those who carried on despite occasionally having threatened to give it up; experienced what may have felt like being under siege from teachers and personal tutor, Sharon Wilson, whose faith in them was relentless.

Those same students now stood proudly before all receiving awards and ready for progression. Some students had come to Stanmore College at level 1 and worked their way right up to level 3; an indication that people do learn at different paces and vocational routes are a fantastic choice for those at all levels right up to degree stage. Many joined at levels 2 or 3 and had been at Stanmore for a shorter period but the sentiments expressed by all were positive and encouraging.

Personal tutor, Sharon Wilson, also presented awards and certificates predominantly for attendance and dedication.

It was fantastic to hear how each and every student had a pathway in place to progress to; many to university to pursue teaching and other subjects, others to employment, some had childcare roles lined up since their work experience and the remainder were progressing at Stanmore College to either the next level or the Foundation Degree in Early Years.

Student, Aishani Shamji, received an award for 100% attendance and Natasha Dattini for 98%; attendees noted how Natasha had continued to work in class supporting her colleagues even when she had completed her own qualification; clearly a profession in care is ideally suited to someone with such empathy and concern for others.  Student, Layla-Rose Keeble, was delighted to accept an award for having shown the most determination and improvement; a riveting success story.

The students cheered as they witnessed their personal tutor, Sharon Wilson, receive an award for the support she had shown them throughout their journey. There was an extended applause when words of appreciation were given to their teachers, Christine Offredy, Ruth Gordon, Joanna Golebicka and Caroline Ryder as Head of School Harriet D’Cruz joined to congratulate the students and thank the team.

The celebration saw the conclusion of a year of hard work which had paid off for all and, though appreciative, many of the students commented on the event having elicited feelings of nostalgia for the teachers and College which had been a major stepping stone in their lives.  

We wish our outstanding cohort of childcare learners the very best on their onward journey to continued success. 

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