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Students in England do not think the UK government is acting in their interests

@NUSuk – 67% of students in England do not think that the UK government is acting in their interests, “COVID-19 and Students Survey Report (Phase 2)“, a new survey from the National Union of Students (NUS) finds.

This has increased from 40% in March, demonstrating that students do not think they have been taken into account throughout the government’s response to coronavirus.

Three in four students keep themselves updated with the daily information and communications provided by the UK Government.

However, three in five students do not trust the UK Government to do the right thing for students in the event of a second wave of Coronavirus. In the event of a future outbreak, financial support from the government is the key request of students.

The pandemic appears to have had an impact on how political some students feel, with just under half now feeling more political as a result of Coronavirus.

Two in five students feel the UK government’s ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives’ message is not at all clear and a similar number feel the UK government’s new advice on social distancing is not at all clear.

Larissa Kennedy 100x100Larissa Kennedy, NUS President, said:

“Students have been ignored throughout this pandemic. The government have let them fall through the cracks in support despite many students struggling to pay their rent, afford basic necessities, or find employment.

“This government’s messaging has been confusing and unclear. This has led to many people not understanding the social distancing rules and a prioritisation of opening up the economy above the safety of the general public.

“Young people are fed up, but do not be mistaken they are ready to take action. The inaction of this government has politicised an entire generation who have been let down by the mishandling of the pandemic. And while a UK election may be a few years away, as we’ve already proven, we will make our voices heard loud and clear.”

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