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The Glion Alumni Association Accelerator: a resounding success in fostering entrepreneurship

Hospitality and luxury business education provider Glion Institute of Higher Education has announced the successful culmination of “The Glion Alumni Association Accelerator”, a groundbreaking start-up competition and pitch battle that has played a pivotal role in nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship within its esteemed student and alumni community.

The Accelerator, which welcomed both current Glion students and graduates, served as a launchpad for innovative business ideas spanning from concept to early-stage start-ups. It provided participants with an exclusive platform to showcase their visionary ideas, particularly in the hospitality, luxury and events industries, fostering exposure, networking and potential financial support for their initiatives.

Beyond the chance to display their entrepreneurial prowess, participants enjoyed access to mentorship and guidance from seasoned industry professionals, all of whom are experienced entrepreneur Glion alumni, and supported additionally by the program director of the MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Mariam Megally.

This assistance proved instrumental in refining ideas and developing viable business strategies. Throughout the competition, participants received critical feedback and insights from a distinguished panel of judges comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

The accelerator journey reached its conclusion at the pitch battle held last Thursday (11th January) on the Glion campus in Switzerland.

The finalists – Fil Foods, VGDerma, One Hundred Sports Group, One 2 One, Fabst Wines, and Versible – presented their innovative start-up concepts to an esteemed panel of industry experts, competing fiercely for the CHF 10,000 prize.

Versible, a dynamic brother and sister duo, emerged as the undisputed winner of the Glion Alumni Association Accelerator, claiming first place with their groundbreaking pitch introducing a cutting-edge Private Equity Management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, meticulously designed to navigate and optimise the entire fundraising cycle for Venture Capital firms, Limited Partners and Founders.

In addressing a critical industry pain point, Versible highlighted that over 70% of venture capital firms encountered operational challenges when using non-specialised tools for Private Equity management. Their solution, an end-to-end Private Equity operational software, offered a comprehensive dashboard that empowered VCs and LPs to manage the entire fund operation lifecycle efficiently. For founders, the platform facilitated capital raising, KPI tracking, and streamlined investor reporting.

With a global total addressable market estimated at Є3 billion, Versible’s serviceable obtainable market in the EU is Є60 million, presenting substantial growth opportunities. Its competitive advantage lies in its precision-driven, data-centric approach, offering a solution that is 10 times more economical and three times faster than existing technologies.

The platform caters to the entire team, not just General Partners and Founders, and ensures high-level data security. Versible’s tailored solutions, seamless user interaction, and custom-built features for unique customer needs position them as a formidable force in the evolving landscape of Private Equity management.

Fabst Wines and One Hundred Sports Group emerged as the standout competitors, securing the coveted second and third places respectively. Fabst Wines addressed the challenge faced by consumers and winemakers in the intricate world of wine selection. Leveraging AI, AR and data-driven technologies, it connects consumers with their perfect wine based on personalised taste profiles, weather, location and mood. This innovative solution not only enhances the consumer experience but also empowers winemakers with valuable insights, contributing to increased profitability and reduced waste.

Meanwhile, One Hundred Sports Group is revolutionising endurance trail and virtual running through technology-driven solutions. With a focus on merging endurance sports with advanced tech, they offer marquee events like the Endurance Trail World Championship and introduce Meta Race AI for an immersive virtual running experience. The company’s commitment to technological integration and software tools demonstrates its dedication to transforming the landscape of endurance sports.

Christopher Jones, President of Alumni Association Glion (AAG), emphasised its significance: “Empowering the next generation through collaboration, our accelerator program – a synergy between alumni excellence and academic innovation – fosters boundless possibilities for students and alumni alike, propelling them towards a future of unparalleled success.”

Shahab Shafieehanjani, CEO & Product Developer at Versible, expressed gratitude for the enriching experience provided by the Glion Alumni Association Accelerator:

“Participating in the Accelerator program has been truly transformative. It not only fuelled our Glion spirit but also provided an opportunity to build a strong network and receive invaluable feedback from esteemed industry leaders. The awarded prize will significantly contribute to further developing our product, creating added value for our users.”

Frédéric Picard, Managing Director of Glion Institute of Higher Education commented:

“Versible were worthy winners because of their strong value proposition, and their pitch demonstrated a true reflection of what they had learned from the institution as students. This initiative is a bridge between alumni and the school, reinforcing the historic legacy of academic success Glion has enjoyed for 60 years.”

In celebrating the triumphs of Versible, Fabst Wines, and One Hundred, the Glion Alumni Association Accelerator sets the stage for the future of entrepreneurship within Glion. The journey does not end here, it marks a new beginning.

The school and the Association are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, providing ongoing support, and creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs within the Glion community.

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