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University features in project celebrating engineers’ role in shaping the world

Shaping the World explores not only key stories of inspired engineering, but also sheds light on the major industries and commercial sectors that surround the discipline.

As well as boasting striking images designed to convey the magnitude and beauty of the featured engineering projects, the publication serves as a carefully curated guide to architects, consultants, infrastructure companies, environmental firms, industry-related educational institutions and other organisations whose preeminent status in their respective fields warrants their inclusion.

The book was launched during a special reception at the Institution’s headquarters just off Parliament Square in London, attended by around 500 people.

Nathan Baker, ICE director of Engineering Knowledge, said:

“The projects selected for this book were agreed based on their impact across the globe and offer real insight into how infrastructure has truly shaped the world around us. The ICE 200 programme of activity has changed the way in which the Institution engages with the public. What you do is fantastic. You genuinely shape the world, and we need to tell the world about what you do.”


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