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University workshops delight performing arts students

Clarendon Sixth Form College had two special visitors from University Campus Oldham (UCO) earlier this week.

Tray Wilson and Jodean Sumner, lecturers in performance theatre at UCO, delivered workshops on different aspects of theatre and dance.

Tray, senior lecturer in performance, delivered a workshop on Jerzy Grotowski, a Polish theatre director who is well-known for his use of psychology and expressive performance. Performing arts students were encouraged to use his techniques in their work and shown how to express emotion through actions.

The second workshop, delivered by Jodean, focused on improving students analytical skills and how this could be used to improve their performances.

Richard Goodwin, curriculum leader for performing arts at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said:

“It has been excellent to have Tray and Jodean visit the college to work with the students. They have not only learnt a lot about pivotal moments in the development of performing arts but also a lot about themselves as performance artists. Thank you to UCO for offering this opportunity to the college.”

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