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Using a ‘Different Space’ to Showcase Skills

Using a 'Different Space' to Showcase Skills

Artists from @BroadstairsCol  are confronting the challenges of Coronavirus head-on, this year taking to a ‘different space’ to hold their end of year exhibition.

The plucky young visual artists have formed a partnership with Margate Festival to create an online exhibition that leverages the power of social media to challenge conventional barriers to viewing art, and deliver their creations to a wider audience.

The Exhibition, which is titled ‘Different Space,’ features work created by the College’s Level 2 and Level 3 Art and Design and Creative Media students at home. Exhibition viewers can expect to see a variety of pieces showcasing the students’ photography, videography, painting, illustration and graphic design skills when the exhibition is revealed on Friday 12 June.  

Final year Level 3 students will be the first to see their work shared online, offering an opportunity to virtually celebrate with family, friends and classmates before taking the next steps in their journeys.

Likewise, the College’s first year Level 3 students will also have the opportunity to celebrate as their work goes on public display for the first time. Originally scheduled to be exhibited in partnership with the Dreamland Heritage Trust, the first year students’ artwork will include pieces specifically made to celebrate Dreamland’s centenary.

Visitors to the Instagram page can also view work created by second year Level 3 students exploring the themes of ‘isolation, mental health, celebrity, grief and body image’, as well as the Level 2 students’ body of work centred on the theme, ‘change’.

To view the Exhibition between Friday 12 June and Friday 18 June, visit:  




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