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Waltham Forest College Student scores exceptional apprenticeship alongside alumni

Dominik Krajuszek

Two days of work experience was all it took for student, Dominik Krajuszek, to fire up his career with a full-time apprenticeship position at ASD, a specialist decorating firm.

As we emerge from lockdown, there is huge demand for skilled workers to join the Construction and Utility industries. Waltham Forest College (@WFCTweets), in partnership with ISG, has been working to provide students with opportunities, placements and insights with employers in the UK so that they can take their first steps into joining this growing sector.

Among these students is Dominik Krajuszek, a painting and decorating student at Waltham Forest College. His tutor later guided him towards the painting and decorating course after exploring and assessing his skills. This proved to be a vital step in Krajuszek’s blossoming career path as he secured a placement with ASD Decorators with the help of the College’s Employability Team and ISG global construction specialists. Just two days into this placement, Krajuszek secured a full apprenticeship at ASD Decorators.

Dominik says that he is “really pleased to have been offered a chance to join the team at ASD Decorators,” and that he is “excited for the future,” and “looking forward to developing my skills further in the field.”

Ryan Squibb, Contracts Director at ASD Decorators and alumni of Waltham Forest College, found a kindred spirit in Dominik as a fellow Waltham Forest College student taking his first steps into the industry. He said:

“Coming to the College at 16 years old and progressing through my career, I always said if I had the chance to help other young aspiring decorators, I would.” Ryan notes how through his own experience in cultivating his career, he wants to support talented young professionals that are following the same process through providing opportunities to aspiring decorators. This has been made possible with the aid of the College’s Employability Team and ISG.

“We offered Dominic a role as an apprentice with our company as he has shown great willingness to work and learn. He’s been working alongside experienced painters, and we can tell he has the potential to be a great decorator.” Ryan highlights Dominik’s talent, dedication and professionalism as some of the key factors as to how he secured the apprenticeship, something that has been noted throughout his time at Waltham Forest College as well.

Leon Smith, painting and decorating tutor at the College, affirms that Dominik is a “model student and has helped other students develop a passion for the craft”. He adds “Just like Dominik, we’ve seen great successes amongst our students this year with more students going on to secure apprenticeship opportunities across London, and I am delighted that our focus on developing highly skilled and work-ready students supports their first steps into their great careers.

If Dominik’s story has inspired you and you would like to apply for the painting and decorating course at Waltham Forest College, visit Waltham Forest College provides exemplary support to students so that they can fulfil their potential – whether that’s through internal resources such as the fantastic Employability Team or exciting partnerships with global specialists like ISG; no opportunity is out of reach.

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