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Winningtemp on organisations addressing the learning crisis

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Sara Holmberg, Head of HR at Winningtemp (an employee engagement platform), shares her thoughts on the importance of investing in the right L&D programmes to support young employees at work.

The latest report published by UNICEF and the Education Commission, ahead of World Youth Skills Day on 15th July, finds that we’re currently facing a learning crisis where most of today’s youth lack the necessary skills needed for employment. As global megatrends such as digital disruption and economic shifts continue to influence the skills required to thrive in the future, government entities and organisations are now being urged to adopt a more holistic approach towards implementing learning and development programmes.

Comment by Sara Holmberg, Head of HR at Winningtemp

“According to a report by Deloitte, organisations that focus on fostering learning programmes and skills development will become more attractive to the younger employees within the job market. With the Great Resignation and the current talent crunch facing many businesses, it is more important than ever for businesses to differentiate from their competition.

Winningtemp data shows that there is clear correlation with employee turnover and L&D programmes, highlighting those employees that are not satisfied with the L&D programme in place are far more likely to leave the company they work for than those that are happy. This has led to L&D becoming far more important to a companies success – the recent LinkedIn Workplace Learning report found that 72% of HR professionals agree that L&D has become a more strategic function at their organisation.

This World Youth Skills Day, organisations should ensure they are investing in L&D programmes that support young people’s growth, skills development, and feeling of belonging at work. This will be a win-win, as employers will see better retention and a more productive workforce, whilst employees can thrive and achieve their career goals. Organisations must take this opportunity to ask their younger employees the skills they want to develop and the learning they need to feel confident with their performance. Businesses that prioritise constant listening, learning and development will be most successful in recruiting and retaining younger employees.”

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