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Young Global Changemakers Award 2021

17 young changemakers received Young Global Changemakers Award 2021

The Young Global Changemakers (YGC) Award 2021 honored 17 Young Changemakers from 13 countries for their remarkable contributions to furthering the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs by serving as positive change catalysts in their communities. The award has been introduced by YEF Global to celebrate young individuals who have inspired change through tangible action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2021 YGC Award attracted more than 500 nominees from over 47 countries around the world. The award conferment ceremony took place online on 26 September. Nahjae Nunes of Jamaica, S. M. Mobin Sikder of Bangladesh, and Nominmaa Ulziibat of Mongolia won the award in the ‘Grand Global Jury Commendation’ category.

The other 14 changemakers from 11 countries received the award in the ‘Rising Impact Maker’ category. Winner of the latter category are Alexandria (Ally) Zlatar of Canada, Saje Miguel Molato of Philippines, Sanjoli Banerjee of India, Andrea De Remes of Mexico, Emmanuel Mirus S. Ponon of Philippines, All Hafiq of Indonesia, Oluwananumi Dawodu of Nigeria, Hemanshi Galaiya of Kenya, Zaynab Yasin Sohawon of United Kingdom, Stanley Anigbogu of Nigeria, Lentz Wendy Civil of Haiti, Saad Uakkas of Morocco, Toluwalashe Soyemi of Nigeria, and Murad Ansary of Bangladesh.

“These young awardees show how youths are leading the way and coming up with innovative solutions needed to rebuild our communities and nations,” said Hania Tabet, Head of Sustainability Engagement & Community Impact of Airbus, while congratulating the awardees.

Kazi H. Robin, Co-founder of YEF Global, urged the awardees not to rest on their oars but continue to exhibit a high sense of responsibility and commitment to their endeavors as global citizens.

Dr. Dave Dowland, Registrar of Brac University, Stephen King, Lecturer of Middlesex University Dubai, Amanda White, Vice President of PSI Middle East and Africa, and Allison Adriana Berbetty Omiste, Fellow at the Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens were also present in the ceremony as members of the Grand Global Jury and conveyed their heartiest congratulations to this year’s awardees. 

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