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Celebrate ‘Make Music Day’ on 21st June – the health benefits of creating music

The benefits of making music

To celebrate Make Music Day on 21st June,  Percussion Play is highlighting the positive effects of music-making and its ability to promote inclusive play and bring benefits to everyone.

Make Music Day is a unique event that is open to anyone who wants to take part – old or young, amateur or professional and just about every musical style is represented.  Every year people and organizations from 1,000 towns and cities in 120 countries create events to share their music.

Making music can have many health benefits, especially for the brain.  Drumming is one of the few activities that uses both the creative side and the logical side of the brain. This can actually lead to getting better sleep, being more creative, improved physical and emotional healing, boosting the immune system and it can produce feelings of well-being.  Listening to and playing music is one of the few activities that has been scientifically proven, time and time again, to lift our mood.

Both young and old can benefit from music-making.  Studies on children show being exposed to music from a young age, particularly within a school or nursery setting, has been proven to encourage teamwork, self-confidence, empathy, improved communication skills and intellectual curiosity.  Children who have had the opportunity to develop these skills and behaviors in early life often turn out to be happier, healthier and higher-achieving adults. 

Older people who make music see a number of health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, decreased heart rate, reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.  Making music, particularly playing outdoor musical instruments, can have many physical benefits for older adults because playing large instruments means people have to engage the whole body and so these types of instruments are often used in physiotherapy because they encourage the development of both fine and gross motor skills.

Percussion Play has created a range of beautiful outdoor musical instruments played across the world in schools, libraries, parks, hospitals, and senior living communities.  From the popular Calypso Chimes to the Harmony Flowers., Percussion Play’s instruments are designed to bring people together to create uplifting music. 

Jody Ashfield, Founder, and CEO of Percussion Play, said: 

“We are proud our instruments are helping people make music around the world.  In parks, gardens, libraries, schools and hospitals, people are benefiting from music-making and understanding how important it is for both our mental and physical health.  As world leaders in the manufacturing of outdoor musical instruments we are encouraging everyone to get outside on 21ST June and make music!”.

You can read more research on the benefits of music on the benefits of here.

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