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OVHcloud continues to support startups in their development, rewarding the most promising

Closing the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase competition, five finalists have presented their businesses while Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud, awarded U Impact as the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase winner. 

Roubaix – June 23rd 2022 – OVHcloud, the European leader in Cloud computing, is committed to supporting worldwide startups since 2015 through the OVHcloud Startup Program. This program has identified, supported and assisted the development of more than 2,600 startups with up to €100k in free cloud credits, hours of coaching as well as international visibility for the most promising ones.

In order to offer startups a real jumpstart, OVHcloud organizes the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase in partnership with Empact Ventures, who are global startup ecosystem super connectors. 

On June 22nd, all participants including the five finalists of the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase contest attended a final event that included roundtables to aid startups to access funding and contracts as well as a startup clinic to provide guidance with their technology and business needs. The finalists then presented their businesses to a jury composed of startup ecosystem experts. The five finalists were: 

  • Anadata: a technology company providing Remote Sensing and Geo-Spatial analytics, solutions and services focusing on the African continent
  • Interest Protocol: a lending protocol designed to support any crypto asset class, including NFTs, interest-bearing tokens, and liquidity provider tokens 
  • i.praedico: an insurtech that automatically calculates the best compensation strategy for serious body injuries to anticipate and optimize financial impacts 
  • Polymore: automatic detection of wrongly sorted waste using AI to help recycling companies
  • U Impact: data-driven sustainable investment platform that helps to drive impact from investment

The jury, this year composed of Romain Grieu, Head of Corporate Finance OVHcloud, Ewa Geresz, Director Programs and Global Partnerships Venture Café Warsaw Foundation and Nicolas Romele, Global lead of Partnership & Ecosystem Marketing OVHcloud, has paid special attention to the mission of the startups, the problem they’re seeking to solve in close relationship with their ambitions and key milestones. The jury also focused on the presentations by the teams, the technology used by the businesses, not forgetting the intended use of the 10,000 euros grand prize.

At the end of these pitches, Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud, has had the pleasure to announce that the winning 2022 startup is U Impact whose goal is to see that all investments are sustainable investments in the future. 

“We are proud to support the startup ecosystem and we congratulate all participants of the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase for the quality of their submissions and their commitment. OVHcloud is delighted to participate in developing tomorrow’s gems and will be able to offer them the unique expertise of its teams”. said Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud.

The founders of U Impact were awarded the sum of 10,000 euros as well as one-on-one coaching with Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud. 

“Well done to the finalists for their excellent pitches today and to U Impact for managing to win over the jury. The OVHcloud Startup Program looks forward to supporting U Impact and all of the finalists on their journeys” said Philip Marais, Global Startup Program Leader OVHcloud.

The winner will also benefit from entry into the OVHcloud Startup Program with free Cloud credits while enjoying Empact Ventures vast network of connections comprised of partners, customers, founders and investors. Each of the finalists will also benefit from the opportunities provided by these super connections.

We are delighted to have worked with the OVHcloud Startup Program on this series of events over the past six months as we work together to super connect tech startups and scaleups across the globe. Congratulations to all finalists of the OVHcloud Startup Program Showcase, in particular, the winner U Impact and we look forward to working with you all to get you super connected with potential partners, clients or funders moving forward to scale your impact” said Kosta Mavroulakis, Founder & CEO, Empact Ventures & the Super Connect Series.


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