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Uhuru NFTs – Telling African stories in the Web3 world.

One of Africa’s most exciting web 3 companies has launched its first NFT project – Uhuru NFT- A collection of limited Afrocentric NFTs housed on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other NFT projects, Uhuru NFTs tell relatable stories of African culture and lifestyle through appealing 21st-century digital art, as it looks to build a metaverse (Uhuruverse) for African creativity where Africans can experience African stories.

The Uhuruverse is a 3D virtual world that marries African history, creativity, commerce and technology. In the Uhuruverse,  people all over the world, especially Africans can connect the dots between the past, the present, and the future. Users will be able to experience and celebrate black history, the story of the African race will not just be told but experienced.

The Uhuru NFT- Freeman collection are digital collectibles that tell the story of the historic event of the transatlantic slave trade that happened on the shores of West Africa from the 16th to the 19th century. This limited edition NFT art pieces will be sold through the world’s largest NFT marketplace, Open sea. The brand sets itself apart from others by bringing a unique roadmap, education, transparency, and exciting utilities for the Uhuru NFT holders. 

Uhuru NFT sample

The Founder of Uhuru NFT, Aso Obinna Eke, stated that “We want to ensure that Africans have a voice in the next iteration of the internet. This is why we are building this digital community of African artists, storytellers, and techies to spark innovation, fuel creativity, and transform minds through the promotion of innovative methods of history curation.”

Digital art enthusiasts and investors can join the Uhuru NFT [Discord group]  – a place to share your excitement and thoughts on the project and interact with others. Members can discuss things like floor price, NFT rarity, memes, space exploration, and also stay up to date with project news, partnerships, and community perks. 

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