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Skills you can learn from home to get the best-paid jobs in the UK


Learn how to code

Our analysis found that coding skills are paid extremely well. PL/SQL, which stands for “Procedural Language extensions to SQL”, is the best-paid coding skill, offering an average salary of £70,797. 

The most in-demand job skill is SQL, with 22,140 jobs looking for people with this skill. 17,781 jobs are looking for knowledge of Python, which is the second most in-demand skill. The average salaries for jobs requiring these coding languages are £51,952 and £59,771 respectively. 

Free Code Camp is a free resource has seen more than 40,000 people graduate from it and go on to land jobs in the tech industry, including at some of the most prestigious tech companies, such as Google and Apple.

Learn a foreign language

Jobs that require Arabic speakers will offer an average salary of £51,836, which is the language the highest-paid jobs are looking for. Next most lucrative to learn are Dutch and Italian; speakers of these languages can get a salary of £43,722 and £42,386 respectively. People with German, French, Vietnamese or Spanish as their second language will find job opportunities paying more than £40,000. 

The most in-demand languages in the UK are French and German, with more than 6,000 jobs looking for speakers of these languages.

You can learn these for free on Duolingo’s platform, which includes the UK and US job market’s most in-demand languages. It is available to use on desktop and mobile, and the gamified approach to learning helps users stay motivated to stick with the programme.

Learn SEO

There are 5,993 job postings requiring SEO skills, making it the most in-demand skill in the marketing category. Other marketing skills companies are looking for are Google Analytics and Jira. Jira is also the skill the highest-paying jobs in the marketing category are looking for, offering an average salary of £54,628.

An excellent general resource for the SEO industry, Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO features eight digestible chapters that are free of charge for somebody to learn the ropes of search engine optimization.

Gain knowledge in design

UK-based job applicants who are skilled in Figma or UX Design will find jobs paying more than £50,000 for their services. The most sought after design skills are Adobe application After Effects and Photoshop, with more than 3,000 jobs looking for these skills. 

Skillshare is an excellent general resource and community for learning many of the skills highlighted in this analysis. Skillshare provides thousands of classes for the creative and curious, including many tutorials for designers that wish to learn any of the sought-after Adobe products, such as After Effects, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Remote jobs opportunities

Manchester is the city in the UK currently advertising the most remote positions per 100k of the general population, with 210.3 remote jobs. Per 100k of the general population, Birmingham is advertising 79.8 remote jobs. 

The analysis also showed that London is the UK city with the highest paid remote jobs, with an average salary of £56,653. The second city with the highest-paid remote jobs is Cambridge, offering an average salary of £54,473.

Methodology: Our analysis considers 1,009,059 active job advertisements on LinkedIn on 27th August 2020. Average salaries per skill were sourced from Adzuna, and represent the average salary that is listed for a job advertisement containing that skill.

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