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University of Greenwich contributes almost £800 million to the UK economy every year

The report shows the University of Greenwich:

  • Provides a return £5.50 for every £1 spent
  • Employs 2528 staff members
  • Generates an estimated £341 million in tax contributions to the UK economy

The University of Greenwich makes valuable contributions to the UK economy, environment and society according to a new report published today.

The report, commissioned by the university, was put together by Mickledore, a UK based independent consultancy.

Professor Jane Harrington, Vice-Chancellor and CEO University of Greenwich said:

“At Greenwich, being a positive force for change is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to use our expertise as educators to curate knowledge, create opportunities and change lives for the better – on a local, regional, national and global stage.

“This report puts into focus and commitment to social mobility and impactful research, as well as our significant financial and social impact on our local communities and the economies of the UK and beyond.

I am proud to see what we deliver, and hopeful of what the University of Greenwich will continue to contribute moving forward.”

The report is organised into four key sections.

The Impact of Activity section examines impacts achieved from driving innovation and economic development in the area local to the university while also working to achieve the university’s teaching and research objectives.

The second section, Impact of Operations, highlights the economic impact created through the activities of the University of Greenwich, ranging from the purchase of goods and services, the impact created by the diverse student and staff communities, and the employment of staff.

Next is the Wider Impact section, which shows that the University of Greenwich has created a sizeable economic footprint and also provides a range of other benefits which extend to the university’s impact on society and the environment.

Finally, the report looks at the Fiscal Impact of the university revealing the economic contributions generated by the institution to the UK treasury.

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