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FE Spotlight and FE Insights, the first free video series to support the apprenticeships sector launched by Bolt and Ingredient Films

Launched by Bolt and Ingredient Films, FE Spotlight and FE Insights are the first free video series to support the apprenticeships sector.

Alex Lockey, Director of recruitment company Bolt, and Nathan Carey, Director of training and apprenticeship video production outfit Ingredient Films, have joined forces to launch two free video series that provide insight, practical advice and opinion on the world of apprenticeships.

Meeting a host of current issues head on, FE Spotlight and FE Insights cover a range of topics that are relevant for those working in the FE and apprenticeships sector.

The key contributors for the next few weeks are include Steve Lawrence, Adam Sloan, Lindsay McCurdy, Susanna Lawson, Gavin Freed, Julie Weekes and Angela Middleton.

Alex Lockey, founder of Bolt, said:

“I felt there was a real gap of quality video content that educators working in apprenticeships would find useful. We have our finger on the pulse of the market so wanted to invest in producing value adding to help educate and support those working in what is an important but tumultuous sector at times.”

Contributors included Lindsay McCurdy, who speaks passionately about apprenticeships.

She said of the project:

“It was a priviledge to be involved in this project which showcases how video technology at its best can deliver the apprenticeship message”

Nathan, producer and director of both series, said:

“For us getting involved in this project not only allows us to give something back but also showcase what we do in terms of video production. With the move to Standards and the introduction of the levy, practitioners in this sector could do with all the support they can get. “

FE Insights and FE Spotlight

A series of short tips released daily, the initial 75 videos in the FE Insights series will become available between now and September. Find them here.

They cover such topics as:

  • the 2018-2019 levy predictions
  • maintaining quality
  • preparing for end point assessment
  • how to handle the 20% off the job requirement

FE Spotlight is a weekly release. A total of 7 FE Spotlight interviews will be available between now and September. Find them here.

About Ingredient Films: Ingredient Films: is a bespoke training video production house. Nathan and his team have worked in the sector for four years and have produced hundreds of films for training providers and employers such as Nissan, Toyota, DHL and F1 In Schools and a broad range of training videos including full apprenticeship video courses and mandatories.

About Bolt: Bolt is a recruitment service partner to FE, HE and Training Organisations. Their goal is to make hiring an honest and value adding process for all involved. This means honest, valuable and stress free for both employers and talent. They ͛ve been able to innovate to the point where they deliver industry-leading results, helping providers to hire better, faster and with higher retention.

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