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Susanna Lawson: Driving Technological Change in Education

Susanna Lawson, OneFile User conference

Susanna Lawson, Ambassador and Founder of OneFile, recently shared her insights on the during a user conference. Since OneFile was acquired by Harris Computer nearly two and a half years ago, Susanna has witnessed significant changes and growth. As OneFile approaches its 20th anniversary next year, Susanna reflected on the evolving landscape of the apprenticeship sector.

The Role of Technology and AI

 Susanna highlights the transformative potential of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI, in the sector. She advocated for organisations, including training providers, colleges, and employers, to develop strategies for integrating AI to boost productivity. Susanna stressed that AI should be seen as a tool to enrich jobs by automating mundane tasks, allowing individuals to focus on creative and innovative aspects of their work. She urged the need for clear policies to safeguard data and ensure its ethical use by students, apprentices, and employees.

Leveraging Data for Improved Outcomes

Drawing from her academic research, Susanna emphasised the value of data in identifying at-risk learners and implementing timely interventions to improve their chances of completion. For instance, tracking engagement metrics in e-portfolios could help identify learners who might be struggling, enabling proactive support measures.

Hopes for Government Policy Changes

Looking ahead, Susanna expressed her hopes for significant changes in government policy, especially with a potential shift in 2024. She called for a stable and passionate skills minister who could drive substantial improvements in the apprenticeship sector, moving beyond buzzwords to implement meaningful, long-term changes.

Insights from Industry Leaders

In a recent fireside chat panel with industry leaders from British Airways, Coca-Cola EP, and NHS England, Susanna explored what employers seek when outsourcing training provision. The discussion underscored the importance of quality over cost, with employers willing to pay full funding to ensure high-quality apprenticeship providers. The panellists also highlighted the need for personalised engagement from training providers, urging them to focus on understanding and addressing the specific needs of employers rather than relying on aggressive sales tactics. To watch the session, click here.

Overall, Susanna Lawson’s reflections and insights underscore her dedication to OneFile’s mission and her vision for the future of apprenticeships and education technology.

Check out the video with Susanna below:

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