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Harvard’s Bob Schwartz discusses Pathways to Prosperity – US vocational skills

FE News chats with Harvard’s Bob Schwartz about his recent paper ‘Pathways to Prosperity’. Bob gives us a summary of the report that was primarily for an American audience, discussing the need to develop a strong vocational skills presence in the country. He explains how at the moment in the USA around 50% of young people come through the college and university system. The ‘Pathways to Prosperity’ paper highlights the need to develop a vocational skills path for the other 50%, and how the American economy pays a high price for not developing a strong vocational skills system. 

The report essentially argues that the American education strategy needs a strategy re-think about whether American young people need a university education to be successful.

Click on the link below to hear what Professor Schwartz has to say about the growing interest in developing a strong vocational skills route in the USA:

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