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Infosys calls out data literacy skills gap

According to research from Infosys, organisations looking to deploy data analytics are suffering a lack of expertise in integrating multiple datasets and failure of understanding in deploying the right analysis technique.

Commenting on the skills gap facing organisations in the UK and internationally, James Eiloart, SVP EMEA, Tableau Software, said:

“Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are opening up opportunities to transform the productivity and prosperity of organisations in every sector. But our ability to harness this potential will be dependent on a concerted effort by government and business to upskill the workforce.

“The scale of the challenge ahead is significant. A report by PriceWaterhouse Coopers found that 69 percent of employers will demand data science and analytics skills from job candidates by the year 2021. Yet according to a separate study only 17 per cent of UK workers can be classed as “data literate”, with a further 40 per cent feeling overwhelmed by data in the workplace.

“We believe it’s important to have apprentice programmes that are delivering the skills businesses require – whether that be cross training or supporting those starting their careers. Capitalising on the opportunity presented to UK PLC by new and emerging technologies will need bold action and tangible investment from both government and the private sector.”

Tableau recently announced a partnership with training specialist AVADO to create a data analyst apprenticeship programme, with the aim of training 3,000 data analysts by 2020. 

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