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Jamie Smith: What Colleges should be aiming for to be future employer & learner ready

Jamie Smith, C-Learning
FE News chats with C-Learning’s Jamie Smith about what FE Colleges should be aiming for to be future employer and learner ready. Jamie explains some of the basic ed-tech requirements FE Colleges should be aiming for to be learner and employer ready, particularly the importance of connectivity to learners and employers. 
Jamie explains the importance of being ‘Digital by design’ for FE establishments, as on average each learner now brings in three devices to connect to wifi and wide area networks.  He gives global examples of where the UK can learn from innovations in other countries such as USA, Canada, Finland and the Middle East that are powering ahead with innovations to bring agile, digital led learning for students. 
Jamie asks should the DfE have a more bolder and reinforced role with an education establishment’s ed-tech facilities? He gives the example of the Office of Technology in America that provides reports and research to provide guidance to senior leadership teams in education establishments in the States. He gives the particular example of how the Office of Technology provides a formulaic approach to the basic digital requirements when delivering education to students, providing guidance with basic ed-tech requirements for students such as if you have X number of students you need bandwidth that can deliver Y. Jamie asks whether this would be beneficial if the DfE provided similar guidance in the UK? 
With learners and employers expecting connectivity as a basic requirement, Jamie goes onto explore what are the basic ed-tech and connectivity requirements the UK FE Colleges should be aiming for to help generate more innovation in delivery and positive digital outcomes for learners and employers. 
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