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Michael Davis, UKCES, discusses what employers are looking for

FE News chats with Michael Davis, chief executive of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), about what employers are looking for when they recruit young people.

Michael had just been hosting a session at the Youth Employment Convention with six businesses on how they recruit young people into their organisations. The employers ranged from large organisations such as Barclays, O2, NHS to small businesses and social enterprises.

He explains that employers are willing to provide the technical skills to young people, but that they are looking for good all round basic education, with the personality, personal confidence, communication skills and the ability to work in teams being key elements.

Michael also highlights how one employer in particular has to develop a process of making young people aware of their skills and raising their confidence during the recruitment process. Another employer called young people ‘Digital Natives’ as they have been brought up with modern technology.

One of the main points to come out from the talk with employers was the importance of local relationships from the world of education to the world of work.

Please click on the video below to hear what Michael has to say:

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