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Mike Thompson from Barclays discusses making apprenticeships more accessible to young people

We chat with Mike Thompson, Head of Apprenticeships at Barclays about how to engage more young people onto Apprenticeship programmes.

Mike explains that Barclays wanted to increase accessiblity onto their Apprenticeship programmes and scrapped the qualifications requirements in favour of aptitude, attitude and motivation.

Mike also explains that transforming the mindset into creating careers, rather than jobs will make a massive impact.

Mike goes onto explain that the Apprenticeship Levy will be a game changer with large employers being able to attract talent to their businesses.

He then discusses increasing the amount of people with disabilities into employment. Mike explains the fact that 50% of young people with disabilities are out of work is an outrage in our modern age and that we must do more to build pathways.

Please check out what Mike has to say.

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