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Certero and Jisc Partner to Transform UK Academic Sector’s IT Management


Certero (@Certerosoftware), leaders in unified IT hardware, software, SaaS and cloud asset management solutions, today announced a new multi-year agreement with Jisc (@Jisc), a not-for-profit negotiating body representing UK higher education and academic research institutions. Under this new partnership, the companies will launch the Certero Chest agreement, providing preferentially priced academic licenses for their commercially available software and selected services.

The Certero Chest agreement signifies a strategic move in Certero’s growth, extending its reach within the IT channel network through partnerships with leading solution providers across various industries and regions. This expansion not only showcases Certero’s exceptional capabilities in uncovering, illustrating, and enhancing IT infrastructure but also introduces its innovative solutions to new industry sectors and channel partners.

Josh Shields, Director of Strategic and Channel Partnerships, Certero said:

“Our Partnership with Jisc is an exciting milestone in our company history and reinforces our commitment to working with partners in the IT channel, we’re excited to work together and provide a world-class product and customer service experience to the education sector.”

Integral to this agreement is access to a suite of products powered by Certero’s unified platform, which enables organisations to address a broad range of IT visibility, governance, cost-optimisation, and risk mitigation challenges, all through a holistic ‘single-pane-of-glass’ solution that spans common environments – including Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

  • Jisc members can now access the following Certero products, which are available for flexible deployment either on-premises or as fully provisioned SaaS solutions: Certero Enterprise Standard Edition – A streamlined IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) solution, offering centralised visibility of all networked assets with an IP address. With advanced discovery capabilities, it automatically recognises the software and provides real-time control over software licensing, effectively putting an end to the typical 30% overspend on software that organisations often incur.
  • Certero App Centre – A self-service software portal that enables users to independently access applications while offering IT departments control for compliance and cost management; featuring a customisable interface, it allows automatic installations or multi-level approval configurations.
  • Certero for SaaS: M365 and Adobe – A solution to see, manage, and eliminate overspending of SaaS subscriptions –typically, a 50% saving on what you’re currently paying for”.
  • PowerStudio – An out-of-the-box, enterprise-level, PC power management software solution which, by applying centralised computer power policies, enables organisations to meet energy-saving goals without affecting user productivity.

Caren Milloy, director of licensing at Jisc said:

“With digital transformation at the top of the education sector’s agenda, the agreement with Certero to deliver a range of SaaS products that address a range of IT needs through one interface will bring cost and efficiency savings and support institutions in their digital transformation goals,”

Certero complements the above products with a range of services delivered by its in-house services function, including:

  • Implementation and Configuration Services – Ensure correct installation, coverage, and personalised configuration for your new solution, guaranteeing peace of mind and maximising the technology’s value quickly.
  • Product Training and Education – Efficient knowledge transfer from Certero experts ensures you get the most value from your products and solutions.
  • Certero Professional Services – Certero provide a range of professional services to help organisations optimise spend, mitigate risk, and drive efficiencies. Whether this is one-off effective license positions audit defence services or more strategic SAM-managed services, we can help organisations reach their goals. 

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