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Technology graduate kick-starts career at international software developer giant

Mustafa Ali completed a technology bootcamp at The University of Birmingham and kick-started his new career in technology at international software development giant, Service Rocket. 

Mustafa returned to the UK in 2018 following a career journey in teaching in the Middle East. His drive for a new challenge inspired him to enrol in the University of Birmingham’s coding bootcamp, enabling him to follow a new career path upon graduating in 2021.

The University of Birmingham launched its popular Boot Camps in 2019 and has welcomed more than 300 students to its 24-week intensive Data Analytics and Coding Boot Camps.

Mustafa said: “I don’t have a tech background and I think that was the most challenging part for me, but it was very rewarding. Having completed the assessments and projects in such a short turnout gave me a sense of accomplishment and motivation to carry on.” 

Tutors and lecturers are available during the day and out of hours to support students with their work, give career advice in a group or 1-to-1 environment. 

Alongside the coding side of the Boot Camp, our lecturers also provided challenges relating to our personal development to help students achieve their career in the tech industry. 

Fast forward to spring 2022, Mustafa is an Associate Consultant at Service Rocket where his career progression is supported and has great staff welfare benefits.

Mustafa said: “There were a lot of things I learnt on the course that I didn’t realise were that important. For example a strong Linkedin profile, what you post and your bio. This is your profile that potential employers and colleagues will see. It’s very important for it to be professional and up to date.”

“Regarding the workplace, a lot of people have realised it’s not just about a job that pays you well. There are other factors which contribute to wellbeing.”

With tech demand growing nationally, the University of Birmingham Boot Camps are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to tap into today’s technological economy. 

“You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone. But as long as you stay the course, something will come out of it. It’s all about self confidence and willingness to learn. I think a lot of employees really appreciate those sorts of things.”, Mustafa added. 

Working with the West Midlands Combined Authority, the University of Birmingham offers 200 scholarships a year, at £4,000 each, available as ‘Women in Tech’ or ‘Diversity in Tech’.

Applicants can choose whether Full-stack Web Development (Coding) or Data Analytics is best suited for them and will also have the choice of learning online or in-person at the University’s new city centre facility – The Exchange. 

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