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FDM Group see 22% rise in educated, deployed consultants during 2022

FDM Group, a global leader in the recruit, train, deploy sector, has announced a 22 per cent rise in the number of Consultants deployed with digital skills into professional roles.

The FTSE 250 company ended the year with 4,905 Consultants assigned to clients, 1,958 of which were in the UK, and also recorded a 32 per cent rise in the number of global training completions, reaching 3,179 in 2022.

FDM’s training programmes saw popular uptake in both its Ex-Forces and Veterans Programme, which has placed over 1,000 former service personnel to date, and its Returners Programme, which at year-end had 220 Consultants, compared with 156 the previous year.

FDM’s financial performance in 2022 has also been strong, with revenue increasing by 23 per cent rise compared with 2021.

Rod Flavell, Chief Executive Officer for FDM Group, said:

“We delivered a good performance in 2022, with strong growth in Consultant numbers and accelerated investment in recruitment, training and other programmes that will help to underpin the future of the Group. In all of the geographies in which we operate there remain structural and systemic skills-shortages, which we are well placed to assist our clients in overcoming. Our scalable and flexible business model and diversified portfolio of clients, sectors and operating regions mean that we are appropriately positioned to weather current global uncertainties and to continue to deliver long-term growth for all of our stakeholders.”

Additionally, FDM recorded a -4.3 per cent median gender pay gap in the UK, in favour of females, for 2022, and a mean pay gap of -4.0 per cent.

Sheila Flavell, Chief Operating Officer for FDM Group, said:

“2022 was an exciting year for FDM as we continued to grow our training programmes across a variety of sectors and groups, reaching highs in Consultant deployments and training completions. Diversity, equity and inclusion remain a central pillar of the Company and we are pleased to continue our commitment in this area, providing digital skills for under-represented groups through specialist programmes such as SheLivesTech.”

FDM’s externally accredited Consultants are deployed across a variety of sectors including banking, financial services, insurance, government, IT services, and more.

The news comes following FDM’s Returners (Business) programme and Ex-Forces Advanced Course receiving Tech Industry Gold accreditation for delivery by TechSkills’ Tech Industry Gold accreditation panel.

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