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Udacity Launches Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program

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Udacity, the digital talent transformation platform, today announced the launch of its Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program, designed to equip C-suite and senior level leaders with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to prepare for and manage cybersecurity threats in their digital ecosystems. 

The average number of attempted cyberattacks per company rose 31 percent between 2020 and 2021, according to Accenture, making cybersecurity a top concern for enterprises globally. With the number of cyberattacks on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure that leaders have the skills and domain knowledge they need to address critical cybersecurity concerns in their organizations – yet many leaders, especially those outside IT, remain unaware of best practices within this space. To address this growing skills gap, Udacity’s Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program will upskill leaders across functions in critical cybersecurity focus areas. Offering comprehensive course content specifically tailored to meet the needs of top executives, Cybersecurity for Business Leaders will enable graduates to confidently lead conversations about cybersecurity with internal and external stakeholders, drive a organizational culture of cybersecurity, utilize a network detection and response solution to develop an Incident Response Plan, and scope a three-year cybersecurity investment budget for their organization.

“Leaders should lean into discussions around cybersecurity – not shy away from them,” said Gabriel Dalporto, CEO of Udacity. “With 70 percent of organizations including cybersecurity as an item for discussion in every board meeting, and 72 percent of CEOs stating that strong cybersecurity strategies are critical for their reporting and trust to key stakeholders, it is critically important that business leaders upskill themselves on this incredibly important topic. Udacity’s Cybersecurity for Business Leaders program enables strategic leaders to build a comprehensive framework for cybersecurity in their organization, preparing their businesses to respond to new threats and achieve successful outcomes.”

The online Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program will bring together global leaders to master cybersecurity skills that will change their company culture and strengthen their organization. Program participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of common cyber challenges, threat analyses, detection and response strategies, and investments needed to support technical and cultural changes that embrace security best practices
  • Be able to identify potential cyber threats to their organization
  • Understand systemic risks present within their digital ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and customers
  • Develop a practice for responding to low, medium, and high-risk cyber threats
  • Develop an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plan and Incident Response plan (IRP)
  • Outline a 3-year cybersecurity budget

The course will be instructed by ​​Dr. Eric Hollis, CEO and President of HollisGroup LLC. Dr. Hollis is an experienced executive and leader in information technology, cybersecurity, risk management, intelligence operations, data privacy, blockchain, and cybersecurity leadership.

“Digital ecosystems pose an easy access point for cyber threats and breaches,” said Dr. Eric Hollis. “Cybersecurity for Business Leaders is a highly-detailed program, and I’m eager to work with a diverse set of leaders who are looking to expand their cybersecurity skill set and help their teams excel.”

The Cybersecurity for Business Leaders program follows Udacity’s School of Cybersecurity launch in March 2021. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2025, there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs open globally—a 350 percent increase over eight years. Udacity’s School of Cybersecurity is designed to provide all learners with the practical experience and resources needed to protect their data and ensure maximum uptime in an era where managing online threats has become standard operating procedure for every enterprise. 

To learn more about Udacity’s Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program or to sign up for the next cohort, please visit us here

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