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Global EdTech provider hunts for educator superstars


LiteracyPlanet set to acknowledge champion teachers, creative educators, unsung educational heroes, and phenomenal leaders in their Educators Wall of Fame 2022.

Back for its third year, LiteracyPlanet’s annual Educator Wall of Fame which recognises outstanding teachers across the globe is now open for nominations. The awards shine a light on educators and behind-the-scenes support staff from primary and secondary schools who are inspiring their students and peers with their passion, excellence, and creativity.

“The past year has brought plenty of challenges for K-12 educators,” saysTom Richardson, CEO, LiteracyPlanet, “but it’s the resilience and tenacity shown across the industry that is truly inspirational, and we want to acknowledge that!”


“Schools and classrooms are transforming every year with new technology, online platforms, blended learning, multi-sensory techniques and personalised education – all adding to the mix for teachers. We want to reward these leaders who are embracing new trends and tools to improve how they teach across all subjects.”

“We host the awards to say thank you and to celebrate our incredible educators that are achieving great things for their students and schools,” said Richardson.


Teaching staff, students and parents from any primary or secondary school worldwide can nominate their favourite educator across one of four unique categories in 2022, to recognise the many different facets of the classroom support system.

Award categories include:

  • Champion Teachers– a motivator who seeks the best way to deliver fun, engaging, and inspirational lessons either in the classroom or online. These teachers are there for their students no matter what.
  • Creative Educatorsa behind-the-scenes genius who helps orchestrate the show—whatever that may be! This award is for the most creative educator, whether they’re a curriculum leader, a teacher’s aide or band master.
  • Unsung Educational Heroes– the quiet achiever who always works with passion, care, and empathy. Never one for attention, this person is the one who genuinely deserves recognition for their tireless and appreciated efforts.
  • Phenomenal Leaders– school principals, deputies, assistant principals, and other senior leaders who have gone above and beyond. They have led the school by example, implementing measures to ensure the continuity of and excellence in education.

Nominations are open now until 13 November. It’s free to enter and winners will be announced by the end of November.

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