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RM Technology launches StudyKIT to give every child access to high-quality technology

RM Technology, the UK’s leading education sector supplier of technology solutions and strategies, has unveiled StudyKIT, a new parent contribution scheme that enables schools to offer high quality laptops to all students, with substantial cost reductions.

The scheme means schools can provide affordable uniform devices that are easy to manage, making staff training and classroom management much easier than a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scheme. 

StudyKIT enables every pupil to have their own HP ProBook 440 to use in school and at home. For £19.99 per month, over a three year period, schools can offer parents and carerssavings of around £250 on the device, as well as comprehensive insurance for three years, and a HP carry case. The scheme helps schools achieve a 1:1 device to pupil ratio whilst saving in excess of £120,000 per year group (based on an average secondary year group of 200 students). 

Under StudyKIT, schools can decide whether to ask for parental contributions to cover the whole monthly cost, or just a small percentage, allowing them to subsidise some or all of the cost for students accessing Pupil Premium. 

The scheme enables schools to reinvest the savings into additional technology priorities. By having one standard device that offers uniformity, schools can  drive efficiencies for both pupils and staff, and use technology to power learning. With fewer paper-based exercise books required, schools can also move towards operating in a more sustainable way. 

RM Technology has launched the scheme in partnership with HP, intel and edde. Via the edde online portal, parents can manage their account and all insurance and warranty claims. The insurance on the device covers: accidental damage, theft, fire and flood, malicious damage, misappropriation, two claims in a 12-month period, whether the device is being used in school or at home.

Jason Tomlinson, Managing Director of RM Technology, said:

“National and regional disparities persist in our education system, with access to a good school too often being a postcode lottery. Lack of infrastructure and technology within the classroom is resulting in fewer opportunities for young people. 

At RM Technology, we believe that every child deserves access to high-quality technology for learning in school and at home. Understanding the need to improve affordable access to high quality technology, we  launched StudyKIT. This simple but effective scheme, which is powered by parents, gives pupils access to premium laptops to use inside and outside of the classroom.”

Schools can also choose whether to return the devices at the end of the agreement, or for just a few extra pounds a month, to keep them and transfer ownership to individuals.

For parents and carers, StudyKIT offers them the opportunity to invest in their child’s education and future. This device can support learning inside and outside of the classroom, as well as their child’s academic and IT development. 

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