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Samsung Electronics Unveils Interactive Display with Enhanced Usability for Education at Bett 2023

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Samsung exhibits new interactive display with software solution for the education sector with enhanced usability and connectivity features

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is unveiling a new interactive display with upgraded features and a powerful software solution at Bett (British Educational Training and Technology) 2023, the world’s largest education technology exhibition, in London. The 30,000 educators in attendance can explore the future of education with the cutting-edge Samsung Interactive Display and Samsung Whiteboard App.

Technology is critically important in the classroom today, and the classroom of tomorrow requires a full suite of tools to help teachers and students deepen connections and increase collaboration in a familiar and convenient way. To meet the evolving needs of educators, classroom technology is becoming increasingly customisable, feature-rich, and interconnected across device ecosystems and operating systems (OS). Samsung is expanding its technology, services, and support for education to set teachers up for success.

“Our education technology is designed to equip educators with the tools they need to fully engage students and enrich any learning environment,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “At Bett, we are excited to showcase our interactive display solutions, demonstrating the level of advanced usability and interactivity required for the tech-enabled future of education.”

Introducing the New Interactive Display and Software Powering the Classroom of the Future

The new Samsung Interactive Display (Model name: WAC) is available for Bett attendees to experience in person. Expanding its offerings beyond the Flip and Flip Pro models operating on Tizen OS, the new WAC leverages Android OS to provide intuitive usability. The easy-to-use display helps teachers customise their home screen user interface (UI), activate multiple screen mode, share up to nine screens at once regardless of OS or device, and utilise intelligent education apps to enrich student learning. Users can also take advantage of the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch models, WAC is built to integrate into any classroom setting. Its connectivity is enhanced with a 3-in-1 USC-C port, which enables hassle-free screen connection, touch control, and external device charging (max. 65W). In addition, the HDMI out function allows teachers to share content on a projector or bigger screen to ensure even students in the back of a large classroom are engaged.

Featuring a slim and user-friendly design, WAC takes into consideration the importance of both convenience and interactivity. With IR touch, users can enjoy a natural writing experience, 20 multi-touch drawing, and a dual pen to write with two different colours on each side – front and back – without changing the settings. The front stereo speaker, pen holder, and handle on the display boost convenience for a seamless education environment.

The Device Management Solution (DMS) for WAC series allows you to monitor and control the display in the classroom remotely at the same time. The DMS also provides an emergency alert function that sends warning messages to the screen collectively in case of an emergency.

Originally available on the Samsung Flip (Model name: WMB, WMA, WMR), the Samsung Whiteboard App will also be compatible with the WAC Interactive Display. The software solution helps educators connect to Windows OS devices, and even when connecting a PC to the display, seamless writing on top of the content from the PC can be experienced in real-time, creating a dynamic classroom experience. In addition, it is easy to store and share content and documents, as well as annotate on top of whatever is being displayed in real-time, even during a video conference.

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