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School of Coding, the UK’s Largest Coding and Computer Science Educator Receives MEIF Support

School of Coding Achieves Remarkable Year-on-Year Turnover Growth, Securing £450,000 Investment from Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) by The FSE Group.

Manny Athwal, CEO of School of Coding said:

“We are delighted to be working with FSE to aid our growth potential – with the MEIF funding in place, we are expecting to double our turnover again by increasing activity across all our services, particularly furthering the roll-out of our e-learning platform to schools.”

School of Coding Achieves Remarkable Year-on-Year Turnover Growth, Securing £450,000 Investment from Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) by The FSE Group.

School of Coding, a leading provider of Coding education and training, proudly announces its exceptional success in doubling its annual turnover year-on-year. To support its continued expansion and to fuel future initiatives, the company has secured a significant investment of £450,000 from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF), provided by The FSE Group.

School of Coding offers comprehensive Coding and Computer Science education to individuals of all ages, including children, adults, and teachers. Through a combination of online and in-person teaching, the company caters to diverse learning preferences. Leveraging their exclusive e-learning platform and education centre located in Wolverhampton. School of Coding delivers thousands of lessons every month to its students. Additionally, the company has established valuable partnerships with various universities, schools, and colleges around the U.K., ensuring that its educational platform is accessible to a broad audience of enthusiastic learners.

The Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) provides crucial financial support to ambitious businesses across the Midlands region. The MEIF funding will be used to support School of Coding’s growth strategy whilst creating 23 new jobs to further the growth of the business, contributing to addressing the skills gap in the digital sector.

Ryan Cartwright, Investment Manager at The FSE Group, commented:

“Despite a difficult economic landscape, Manny and his team continue to grow School of Coding and create jobs here in the West Midlands and Shropshire region. With a number of revenue streams across both online and in-person coding classes , the company has multiple avenues for expansion and we look forward to helping them achieve their growth potential.”

Mark Wilcockson, Senior Investment Manager at the British Business Bank, said:

“This investment from the MEIF will allow School of Coding to expand the business while creating new jobs in the region. The MEIF backs businesses with growth potential that can have a positive impact on the economy in the region and this investment is a perfect example to showcase the MEIF’s commitment to supporting innovative growing businesses in the Midlands.”

School of Coding is a leading provider of coding education and training, dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the digital age. With an innovative curriculum and experienced instructors, School of Coding offers accessible and industry-relevant coding programs for learners of all ages and backgrounds. By bridging the coding skills gap, School of Coding aims to prepare individuals and organisations for the opportunities and challenges of the digital future.

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