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5 expert tips for making a stellar first impression at a new job

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  1. Start on a positive note 

First impressions really do count in a new job, and nobody wants to work with someone who brings negative energy into the workplace. The first few conversations you have with your colleagues will be crucial in building positive, long-standing relationships. Leave out any personal issues and instead focus on appreciation and gratitude for the new opportunity. 

  1. Be punctual

Punctuality is the hallmark of professionalism, and it is important that you can prove to your new employer just how much of an asset to the team you are. This can aid your professional development as supervisors are more likely to consider employees for promotions and leadership roles if they can depend on their punctuality and commitment. It is recommended to not only show up on time, but aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before you are expected to begin work so that you are fully prepared. 

  1. Build relationships with your colleagues

When you consider that you spend roughly one-third of your time at work, maintaining good relationships with your colleagues will make your work life easier and more enjoyable. Make time for your co-workers and show a genuine interest in their role and their passions. Be an active listener and let them know that you are there to help if they need you. All good relationships depend on honest communication, so the more effectively that you communicate with your co-workers, the better connections you will make. 

  1. Dress for the part 

It is important that you show respect for the company’s culture, and one major part of this will be adhering to the dress code. Different companies will have different expectations regarding dress code, so to prepare for your first day, ensure you dress appropriately for the industry that you will be working in. If you are unsure of what to wear, it is always better to turn up overdressed than underdressed for your first few days. Nonetheless, ensure that you go for a polished look by wearing clothes that are clean and pressed, fit you properly, and make you look smart. 

  1. Go the extra mile 

Being proactive is one of the best ways to make a good first impression in a new role. Make sure you are inquisitive and immerse yourself in the tasks at hand, showing just how passionate you are. Be the colleague that people can turn to for an extra hand on a task or project, and be vocal that you are happy to assist anyone in your team. Ensure your tasks are completed in a timely manner and of the highest standard, and you surely will make a good first impression on your new colleagues. 

Careers expert Amanda Augustine at says: .

“Starting a new job can be a daunting experience, especially in today’s competitive job market. Your first impression can set the tone for your entire career at a company. To succeed, remember to approach your new role with positivity, punctuality, and a genuine willingness to connect with your colleagues. Dressing appropriately and going the extra mile will not only help you stand out but will lay the foundation for your own professional growth.”

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