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AI in classrooms proven to improve student performance by 8.12 percentage points, an entire grade boundary


Inspired Education Group, the leading global group of premium schools, has today announced data findings from five major international schools as part of a broader pilot programme of AI technology in everyday teaching and learning for Inspired students. This initial spotlight data has demonstrated that participating students saw an improvement in performance of 8.12 percentage points on average, the equivalent of an entire grade boundary.

The data also highlights that the vast majority of students, 84.50%, felt that their learning and progression had been enhanced by the use of Inspired AI, whilst four in five, 80.18%, of participating teachers would recommend Inspired AI as a tool for learning.

Additional findings from the data, included:

  • The vast majority, 85.31%, of students would recommend the Inspired AI as a good tool for learning
  • More than two-thirds of teachers, 66.08%, believe it has helped them in lesson planning

The Inspired AI platform leverages artificial intelligence to create bespoke ‘pathways’ for students across both their classwork and homework, whilst at the same time providing real-time analytics and recommendations to both teachers and parents. Inspired AI uses initial ‘diagnostic’ testing to assess an individual student’s respective strengths and weaknesses and, using this data, then creates tailored exercises and modules for each student across subjects including English, Maths and Science.

Inspired Education Group’s pilot saw its new Inspired AI platform being tested by more than 14,000 students across 26 schools in 12 different countries – the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Bahrain, The Bahamas, Latvia, Portugal, Switzerland, Vietnam, Kenya, Panama and Belgium. The impact of this technology and the success of the pilot was further substantiated through quantitative data collected at five select, leading schools – Fulham School in London, the British School of Bahrain in Hamala, King’s College Soto in Madrid, King’s College Bahamas and The International School of Europe in Monza, Milan.

This approach, in partnership with world-class teachers, ensures a student’s specific weaknesses are addressed and improved upon, whilst at the same time further amplifying their strengths across each subject. Notably, students across the five schools that were measured quantitatively saw, on average, the greatest improvement in performance across Biology, adding an extra 10.6% to performance, and Chemistry, adding an extra 9.4%.

Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Inspired Education Group, said of the findings:

“Whether it be physically in classrooms, or through digital and remote schooling, it’s clear that the future of education will be increasingly personalised, and that technologies such as AI will be key in helping to ensure students can flourish and reach their full potential. Educational technology is evolving, and we are determined to remain at the cutting edge of this innovation.

At Inspired we embrace every child’s individuality and Inspired AI supports our world leading teachers by helping them further bespoke their teaching and learning approach to each child. It does this by providing more insight into their understanding of a topic, and by reducing the time needed to complete some of the traditionally labour-intensive tasks for teachers such as marking. The success of the pilot has been undeniable, and we look forward to accelerating the use of Inspired AI throughout our 100 plus schools globally.”

In its everyday usage in schools, the Inspired AI platform serves three primary purposes. Firstly, accelerating learning for students through intelligent personalisation. Secondly, the platform also reduces the workload for teachers, particularly in terms of marking, analysis, and resource creation. Finally, Inspired AI also compliments and enhances the work of teachers, by providing actionable insights on individual students understanding and skills and flagging interventions where needed.

Nick Wergan, Global Educational Director for Inspired Education Group network, also commented:

“It’s been very gratifying to see the response from students, teachers and parents alike to the use of Inspired AI in our classrooms. Most rewarding for myself, personally, has been the improvement in performance of students who’d previously struggled with specific elements of a subject, and have been supported through the personalisation of their learning experience. The school experience of years to come will no doubt increasingly benefit from these kinds of technologies, and I’m excited to see not only how the Inspired AI platform develops, but also further innovations we can deliver on.”

As the leading global group of premium schools, Inspired Education Group schools currently educate over 80,000 students across more than 100 schools in 6 continents – providing a best-in-class learning experience, from Kindergarten to Year 13. Inspired Education Group schools are focused on the three pillars of modern education: academic excellence, sports, and performing and creative arts. 

Using Inspired AI, students completed two diagnostic tests. On average, students’ scores increased by 8.12 points out of 100, which is equivalent to a grade boundary.

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