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Henley announces two new MBA scholarships to drive sustainable and ethical working practices 

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Aimed at the pioneers of change in the workplace, championing areas such as EDI, flexibility and AI 

Henley Business School launches two new Executive MBA scholarships: the World of Work scholarship and the Business, Ethics and Sustainability scholarship, designed to equip leaders pioneering change in their organisations.

Cultivating a diverse group of talent that represents a range of experiences and industries is at the heart of each of Henley’s MBA cohorts, and these new scholarships will create opportunities for dynamic emerging leaders who are rising to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the last few years.

Pioneers of change in the workplace who champion areas such as EDI, flexibility in the workplace, and AI and Automation, are invited to apply for the World of Work scholarship. Imbued with a deep understanding of business strategy, leaders will be able to manage their teams through change – for example – in digital transformation, or into a new era of hybrid working.

Tireless advocates for an environmentally sustainable and ethical workplace – those who recognise the force of business for good – are invited to apply for the MBA Business, Ethics and Sustainability Scholarship. With an enhanced leadership and management skills arsenal, those passionate about sustainability will learn to inspire and guide their teams through transformational change for the good of people and the planet.

Both scholarships provide 50% of the tuition fees for the Executive MBA programme, which is ranked in the top ten in the UK (Financial Times – EMBA rankings 2022).

With these new scholarships we hope to support those individuals braving change in their workplaces. Working sustainably, collaboratively and innovatively is foundational to a healthy and thriving world of work,” said Professor James Walker, Director of Henley’s World of Work Institute.

Our professional lives have changed irrevocably over the last few years and continue to shift and challenge us. Through the World of Work Institute and our MBA programme, Henley is shaping resilient and adaptable leaders to become ready to face the big questions emerging in the working world.”

Applications for both scholarships are now open and the deadline for submissions is 19 June 2023. To apply for the World of Work scholarship, candidates are required to write an 800-word piece answering the question, “What can we expect from the future World of Work?”

For the Business, Ethics and Sustainability scholarship, applicants are asked to consider the question, “How can businesses ensure ethics and/or sustainability are more than just a ‘purpose’ on paper?”

These two new scholarships sit alongside Henley’s established Women in Leadership scholarship offering.

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