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Imperial College Business School set to revolutionise professional learning with AI through partnership with OBRIZUM

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OBRIZUM’s AI-powered adaptive learning platform will be rolled out across Imperial’s Executive Education Programmes for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance the skills of their workforce, as the need for upskilling and continuous individualised learning intensifies

Imperial College Business School Executive Education has announced a strategic partnership with OBRIZUM, the Cambridge-based AI-powered adaptive learning and data analytics company, to revolutionise professional learning and development for individuals and businesses across its suite of Executive Education Programmes.

A first of its kind for the industry, the partnership enables a significant leap in the way learning is designed and delivered, by combining the intellectual prowess of Imperial College Business School’s faculty and curriculum with OBRIZUM’s state-of-the-art learning technology.

Through the partnership, OBRIZUM’s platform will provide those enrolled on Imperial’s Executive Education programmes with highly personalised learning experiences, tailored to their individual needs, understanding, and pace of learning. 

The platform will assess learners’ comprehension, competence and confidence with the programme content, identifying weaker areas in which to reinforce understanding whilst also enabling learners to accelerate their progress in stronger areas of the curriculum. Personalised learning analytics will be provided to each learner, offering them valuable insights to guide and enhance their learning journey.

The partnership stands to be a significant driver for professional development, with Imperial’s Open Executive Education programmes welcoming 3,000 executives every year in areas including finance, innovation, leadership, strategy, and health, and its Custom programmes designing learning solutions for world-leading organisations. 

With a reputation for pioneering innovative, technologically advanced and future-focused learning experiences, Imperial is the ideal partner for utilising OBRIZUM’S technology in the most valuable way for learners.

David H Brown, Director of Executive Education at Imperial College Business School, says,

“By partnering with OBRIZUM, we are taking a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge, personalised learning experiences. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to harness the power of AI technology in revolutionising professional development. With OBRIZUM’s adaptive learning platform, we aim to empower learners to excel in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive.”

With research revealing staff to often be ill-equipped to navigate the evolving future of work, global employers are facing a skills shortage dilemma. There exists a growing need for upskilling and continuous learning, especially in the development of new careers and technical capabilities. 

Furthermore, with a recent socio-economic impact report highlighting that increased investment in education and professional skills training could lead to a 1.4% boost in the UK economy by 2027, partnerships that transform corporate professional training and bridge the gap between employer needs and employee skills will play a key role in the UK’s continued economic growth. 

Together, Imperial College Business School and OBRIZUM expect the partnership to give users a competitive edge when navigating the dynamic and evolving world of business, by creating highly educated, self-aware professionals who possess modern industry-desired skillsets and a sound understanding of working with evolving technologies.

OBRIZUM’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Chibeza Agley, says,

“The combination of content from Imperial’s world-leading experts and Obrizum’s award-winning AI is a game-changer for the higher education sector Imperial’s global base of Executive Education students will be able to learn, upskill, reskill, and revise more efficiently than ever before, giving them the confidence and credentials they need to advance their careers in these fast moving and increasingly competitive labour markets.”

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