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It’s time for the Government to protect Level 2

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Almost 1 in 5 young people will not achieve Level 2 by the age of 19. Yet the Government continues to focus its most of its funding and skills drive at Level 3 and above.

Upskilling the workforce is vital, but the route the Government is taking to getting there, is wrong.

By ignoring those not at Level 2 by the age of 19, we risk failing a generation of young people, who will not have the skills they need to enter the workforce, with this skills crisis largely affecting the most disadvantaged young people.

All young people need a range of high quality pathways through education, training, and into work, with Level 2 qualifications acting as a fundamental stepping stone to higher skills or directly into employment.

Following Government plans to de-fund many Level 3 qualifications, the same fate must not await Level 2.

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