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Launch of mental health courses to support post-pandemic working conditions

THE importance of mental health in the workplace has never been more prevalent.

But with more and more people based at home or operating in hybrid conditions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, that workplace is now often the kitchen table or a spare room.

This has raised widespread issues, from isolation to anxiety, which is why Coleg Cambria’s Northop Business School unveiled a suite of programmes to support managers, directors, HR staff and employees dealing with these issues every day.

Level 2 and Level 3 courses include Highfields Introduction to Mental Health Awareness; Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health; Mental Health for Managers; Certificate in Mental Health; Mental Health First Aid Wales, and NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing lecturer Caroline McDermott says learning is available in person or online, and specialist, tailored modules can be created for specific industries. 

“We have had interest from North Wales and further afield given the innovative and advanced content we will be delivering,” said Caroline.

“Our partnership with the awarding bodies Highfield, IOSH and NEBOSH are a particular USP and attracting managers wanting to enrol day or night, which we can accommodate given the demand.

“And the topics are across changes in the workplace to ensure the wellbeing of employees and those with specific mental health conditions.”

She added: “Larger organisations have explored the possibility of bespoke programmes designed for their sector, given different arenas have different pressures and needs.

“Again, we can support this and have had a lot of interest already.”

Professions including construction, farming, medical and veterinary, and hair and beauty are among those which have experienced high levels of mental health problems, suicide rates and stress.

Jane Keys, Assistant Principal for Employer Engagement at Northop Business School, urged people to get in touch to find out more about upcoming programmes and funding.

“Many industries and businesses have suffered because of Covid and issues which may have never been experienced before, from furlough to self-isolation in lockdown,” said Jane. 

“Our courses tackle these factors using expertise and examples that will no doubt prove invaluable to participants.

“Financial support may be available and with many companies looking to promote mental health champions and ambassadors the time is now to introduce the importance of wellbeing and mindfulness into strategies and day-to-day operations for the future.”

The courses will be running throughout 2022. For more information, visit [email protected] or call 0300 30 30 006.

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