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Lib Dems call for level playing field for University Places available through clearing

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Liberal Democrats have called for all students, both UK and international, to be able to access university places through the UCAS clearing service at the same time. Currently, students, including pupils taking Scottish higher examinations and some international students who receive their results before A-level results day tomorrow, 17th August, are able to select courses before English and Welsh students can access the facility.  

UCAS’s website says “Some students will receive their results much earlier than most UK students. For instance, those completing an International Baccalaureate (IB), will get their exams results on the 6th July. This can allow you to find a place before the UK results days, giving you the chance to secure your place early.”

Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Munira Wilson MP said:

“It is completely wrong that some students are able to access university courses available through clearing before English and Welsh students have even received their A-level results.

“Some courses with spaces available may be full before students are even given the opportunity to apply for places.  

“It is a question of fairness and it is right that there is a level playing field for all students, whether they are UK based or international, to apply for university courses.”

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