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Official opening of École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio ushers in a new era of culinary excellence in the UAE

Today marks a momentous occasion for the culinary landscape in the Middle East, as the legendary chef and founder of École Ducasse officially opened the doors to École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio.

Nestled in the historic Al Hosn site, this state-of-the-art studio represents the first of its kind in the region in partnership with Erth Abu Dhabi.

École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio boasts an excellent culinary team trained by École Ducasse Paris Campus executive chefs. These culinary maestros will guide students through a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing the foundational techniques of French culinary and pastry arts, as well as the captivating nuances of Emirati cuisine. From mastering the delicate art of macarons to crafting traditional Emirati desserts, the studio promises an immersive and enriching journey for every aspiring chef.

Chief Alain Ducasse said:

“At École Ducasse, we are extremely privileged to have the opportunity to share our vision of gastronomy with talented individuals from all over the globe. Mutual inspiration happens when passion is shared and we are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute in raising the culinary scene and talents in Abu Dhabi.”

Shaikha Al Kaabi, Chief Executive Officer of Erth Abu Dhabi, the visionary force behind the studio’s creation, echoed Chef Ducasse’s enthusiasm:

“This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of nurturing culinary excellence in Abu Dhabi,” she explained. “École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio represents a platform for cultural exchange and innovation, empowering the next generation of chefs to become culinary ambassadors for the region. We are confident that this studio will serve as a beacon of culinary inspiration for the UAE.”

École Ducasse Managing Director Elise Masurel commented:

“The launch of École Ducasse Studio in partnership with Erth Abu Dhabi is a great milestone for us in the Middle East region, and we are very happy to contribute to enriching the local gastronomic scene and encouraging culinary talents to flourish.”

The doors of culinary excellence are now open, with École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio welcoming eager students to book their courses and explore the diverse programs. From personalised amateurs cooking classes to comprehensive programs for professionals, the studio caters to every level of culinary aspiration, making it a haven for those who dream of turning passion into plate.

Beyond the intimate classrooms, École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio extends its reach through its welcoming café with a fantastic rooftop and breathtaking view on Qasr al-Hosn Fort, and engaging corporate events, creating a vibrant space where excellence, culinary new trends and traditions converge.

In this melting pot of cultures, the studio aspires to be a catalyst for culinary diplomacy, where the world converges to savour the exquisite blend of flavours, textures, and stories that make Abu Dhabi a truly global culinary destination.

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