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Penny Post creator pops in for a live stream lunch

Penny Post (@PennyPostWB) Creator and Community Radio Host, Penny Locke, visited The Restaurant at Newbury College (@newburycollege) on Friday 28 January to experience one of their incredible lunch services which are available to the public for just £13.95.

Streaming live on her 4LEGS Community Radio Show “This Week with Penny”, the local broadcaster and content producer enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal that was prepared and served by the College’s Professional Cookery students.

Penny introduced her visit to listeners by saying:

“I’m being served in this gorgeous restaurant here at Newbury College. It’s such a hidden gem. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s so professional and it’s staffed by the students at the College.”

The seasonal menu included a Jerusalem Artichoke Volute, Grilled Sea Bass with Roasted Vegetables and an Apple Paris-breast.

Alongside her dining companion, Marketing Manager, Naomi Cripps, Penny also had the opportunity to interview Course Tutor, Anthony Millon, and Catering Student, Zack Eben Aimine, about their experiences on the course.

Zack told Penny: “[Our tutors] really do know their industry inside out. They’re always very supportive, and we get along great and we do a lot of good work towards what we want to achieve.”

This Week with Penny broadcasts every Friday on 4LEGS Community Radio and The Restaurant at Newbury College is open to the public every Wednesday and Friday lunchtime (booking required).

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